Guiding Principles

  • Integrity (Honesty) – why we earn the trust of our customers
  • Quality – why our customers patronize us
  • Customer Focus – why our customers like us!
  • Knowledge – why our customers believe in us
  • Innovation – why our customers remain loyal to us


We are guided by these principles because we believe that our customers and their families deserve the best. It’s time that Nigerian producers live up to this charge, difficult operating environment notwithstanding. Our customers deserve to get consistent quality every time they pick up our product. Our customers deserve to know what’s in the foods that they are consuming, so they can make the right diet choices. Our customers deserve to be told of any major changes that we are introducing so they can understand the implications…and they deserve so much more.


We may not have strong regulatory authorities in Nigeria, but we believe that by choosing to be guided by the aforementioned ethical standards, we are making our contribution to improving the Nigerian landscape, one morsel of food at a time!