Nuggets of Wisdom


In our (chicken) nuggets of wisdom section, we’re all about answering puzzling questions and sharing interesting information about our products. We believe in the power of knowledge and we’re committed to disseminating it!

Enjoy reading these nuggets of wisdom or take it a step further and quiz your friends and family about your newly acquired knowledge. It will make you sound smarter and also help to increase the collective IQ of your circle of interaction :-).


To get you acquainted with our style, we like to answer questions by:

  1. Providing facts: there are too many rumors that present themselves as true. Everything you find on our site will be thoroughly research information that can be backed up by multiple sources.
  2. Providing alternate sources of evidence:  Per above, if it’s true, it can be proven! We encourage our customers to check out some other sources of information to bolster your understanding about our food and your health in general.