Kamsi Eggs





Natural eggs
Kamsi hens are fed an all-natural diet to ensure a superior taste and superior nutritional value.  We do not permit artificial color additives in our hens’ diets.


Wholesome eggs
Kamsi eggs are nutritionally dense and are an important part of a healthy diet. With 6 grams of protein and over 13 essential nutrients, they are certainly a dietary force to be reckoned with! Further, the natural diet of our hens ensures high levels of naturally occurring choline, lutein and zeaxathin, important nutrients for maintaining good health.


Fresh eggs
Kamsi eggs are laid in highly sanitary conditions and are brought to your supermarkets no more than 2 days after they’ve been laid! As if that’s not enough of a guarantee, each package is stamped with a best before date so you know you’re eating fresh eggs every time you bite into the delicious goodness of a Kamsi egg!


Now available at Olison Superstore – Sani Abacha Link Rd, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt


Where to Buy?

Available at the following stores in Port Harcourt: Everyday Supermarket, Park 'n' Shop, Happy Bite, Chanrai Supermarket, Bestway Cash 'n' Carry, Mandarin Supermarket, Olison Superstore